Our Theme

“If you aspire to great things, begin with the little ones.”

– St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD)


In the spirit of St. Augustine’s inspirational words, this year’s spring fundraising event celebrates our desire to “aspire”: to dream big, accomplish worthwhile goals, rise above the everyday, and set our sights upon meaningful missions. While Augustine’s prudent advice encourages us to aim high, it also reminds us that lofty achievements start with little ones, most notably, our little ones –our children!


We, at Seven Arrows, recognize the incredible potential of our “little ones” to achieve “great things” that benefit others, themselves, and the world around us. Like St. Augustine’s message, our Seven Arrows motto, “Passionate learners, Compassionate leaders,” acknowledges the vital role education plays in guiding our children to strive for marvelous things while fulfilling the ethical obligation we all share to make the world a “great” place.


So, join us on Saturday, May 19th as we support our school’s ongoing effort to expand the hearts and minds of our “little ones” so that they may continue to aspire to do “great things” for themselves and for humanity.
Great things will transpire when we inspire to aspire!