Class Participation

Class Prizes for Auction Donations:

Each class that achieves 100% participation will receive a free dress day.

The class that donates the most items will receive a pizza lunch.

The first class to reach 100% participation will receive smoothies in addition to their free dress day.

Class Participation:

1st Grade0%
2nd Grade0%
3rd Grade0%
4th Grade0%
5th Grade0%
6th Grade0%

Items Donated:

  • Kindergarten: 24
  • 1st Grade: 28
  • 2nd Grade: 22
  • 3rd Grade: 35
  • 4th Grade: 21
  • 5th Grade: 18
  • 6th Grade: 18

Total from Seven Arrows families: 166

  • Staff / faculty/ friends: 21

Total amount of items : 187